2014 BMW 7-Series | new car review

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2014 BMW 7-Series
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Review Summary:

The 2014 BMW 7-Series offers the epitome of luxury and refinement from BMW, but keep in mind, it's not cheap!


Powerful engines
Interior quality




The flagship model in BMW’s line-up and produced since 1977, the 7-Series is currently in its 5th generation and for 2014 sports new LED headlights, new kidney grille slats and chrome accents along the front apron. Though some are of the opinion that 7-Series looks tired and is in dire need of a makeover, I for one, feel the 7-Series is elegant and flaunts a design that has come to command respect on the streets of the U.A.E.

2014 BMW 7 Series front + side


A 16 speaker, 1,200 watts Bang and Olufsen sound system; Walnut Root with inlays wood finishing; soft leather adorning the dashboard, door panels and centre armrests; and plush seats that you melt into – what’s not to like about the interior? With 9.2 inch high-res monitors, reclining seats that cool, heat and massage, along with the option to control the navigation system, audio and browse the internet, rear seat passengers surely do travel in First Class comfort!

2014 BMW 7 Series interior


The 2014 BMW 7-Series packs in an extremely useful feature referred to as Bluetooth Office. Essentially, it allows two mobile phones with contacts and diary appointments to be linked to the system simultaneously and provides the driver with information on appointments, e-mails and diary entries on the 10.2 inch centre display. For those concerned with the safety of this ‘mobile office’, there is an option to have e-mails, notes, text messages and diary entries read out via the text-to-speech function.

2014 BMW 7 Series Bluetooth Office

What’s on offer?

The smallest engine in the 7-Series line-up is the 3.0 litre V6 unit fitted into the 730 Li that produces 258 horsepower and 310 Nm of troque while being mated to an 8 speed transmission. And though many people believe the 7-Series is more of a car to be driven in, with a 6.0 litre V12 that produces 544 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque at the disposal of your right foot, not being in the driver’s seat of the 760 Li, is flat out criminal.

Summing it…

A badge that is held in high regard, and a car that commands respect wherever it goes, is a pretty accurate definition of the 7-Series. But to own one of these beauties that define the epitome of luxury and refinement from the brand, your pockets have got to be deep, very deep in fact…

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