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2014 Lexus GS
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Review Summary:

Maybe the designers needed to be a little more innovative with the design of the GS. But once you look beyond the design, it’s a wonderful car.


Safety features
Interior quality


Unimaginative exterior design


Slotted between the smaller IS and the flagship LS, the range underwent a transformation in 2011 and out came the fourth generation of Lexus’ performance sedan. With headlights that look like they’ve been pulled right off its hybrid sibling, the CT 200h, taillights that look like they’ve been borrowed from the 2nd generation IS and an interior that is nearly identical to the current generation ES,  you begin to question what makes the GS unique – if anything at all?

2014 Lexus GS front + side


In usual Lexus flare, the quality of materials and the layout of the interior is near perfect. With an Electro Multi Vision Display measuring in at 12.3 inches and a mouse-like joystick to accompany, controlling the navigation system, climate control and entertainment system is surely a breeze. With well bolstered seats in the front and back, neither the driver nor the passengers are likely to complain about going on long trips or getting stuck in traffic. To enhance comfort further, the GS is also equipped with a 3 way climate control that allows the driver, front seat passenger and rear passengers to set the A/C at their desired temperature without affecting the other.

2014 Lexus GS interior


Safety features come in abundance in the 2014 Lexus GS. In the cockpit, the Driver Monitor system watches for driver attentiveness, while the Lexus Night View offers infrared imaging during night driving. In addition, Head-up Display projects driving data onto the windshield – ensuring vision stays on the road at all times. On the outside, Adaptive Cruise Control keeps a safe distance with the vehicle in front, while they pre-crash safety system scans the road and prepares the brakes in case of danger. Furthermore, Lane Departure Alert makes a distinct sound during unintentional lane deviation and the Blind Spot Monitor looks out for vehicles on either side to avoid any unwanted surprises during lane changes.

What’s on offer?

Irrespective of whether you suffer from heavy right foot syndrome or not, there’s a GS for everyone. The baby of the bunch is the GS250 that is equipped with a V6 good for 206 horses and is mated to a 6 speed transmission making it ideal for city runabouts. The next in the lineup is the GS350 that is equipped with a 3.5 litre V6 mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission and churns out 312 horsepower. However, if it’s a real kick you enjoy under heavy acceleration, the GS450h F Sport with a ranging 340 horses under the hood should hit the right spot.

2014 Lexus GS side + back

Summing it…

Ok, so maybe the designers needed to be a little more innovative with the design of the GS. But once you look beyond the design, it’s a wonderful car. And with a starting price of just AED 185,000 for the GS250, it’s worthy of giving the competition a real run for their money.

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