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2014 Lexus IS
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AEDAED 150,000 - 230,000
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  • 2014 IS
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Review Summary:

The youth magnet undergoes major changes and the outcomes are positive, apart from the new price tag it flaunts.


Driving position
Exterior design




Lexus, the luxury counterpart of reliability king Toyota, have long been known for playing it safe with their styling; up until now that is. The bodywork of the 2014 IS flaunts numerous sharp lines, Lexus’ trademark spindle grille, and LED’s that resemble the Nike swoosh. When combined with the optional F Sport package that brings larger wheels and a sportier bumper to the table, the 2014 IS is a real head turner.

2014 Lexus side - 2


Though Lexus hasn’t said it, it feels like a Japanese racer was behind the interior of the 2014 IS. And that my friends, isn’t a bad thing. Mainly because you get extremely supportive seats, a brilliant driving position, and a neat steering wheel that fits perfectly in your hands. In terms of tech, the IS packs in a mouse-like joystick that controls the infotainment system and numerous capacitive touch switches to control aspects of the infotainment and A/C system. As far as comfort is concerned, rear seat passengers benefit from a small yet much needed 1.6 inches increase in legroom over the outgoing model.

Lexus IS interior


Catered to the affluent youth, the Lexus IS packs in a number of features such as a 15 speaker Mark Levinson sound system that is sure to prove a hit with the young audiophiles. The infotainment system also offers the option to have a personalized home screen to satisfy that tech itch further.

What’s on offer?

For those looking at saving a little bit at the pumps, the 2014 IS is available with a 2.5 litre V6 engine that produces a decent 204 horsepower. However, if it’s power that tickles your funny bone, a beefier 3.5 litre V6 that churns out a very respectable 312 horsepower, is also available. To further enhance the thrill of driving, Lexus has fitted an intake sound generator into the IS range that creates a distinctly sporty engine sound whenever the loud pedal is depressed.

2014 Lexus IS - side 3

Summing it…

A great car to look at, and a stunning car to be spotted in, but with a price tag ranging from AED 150,000 – AED 230,000 you can’t help but feel the Lexus IS is bordering ridiculously overpriced.

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