Volkswagen Golf GTI Fun Facts

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Here are a few fun facts you probably didn’t know about the legendary GTI.

1) The has been the brand’s best-selling model ever.

Volkswagen Golf GTI logo

2) While the first Golf GTI was originally planned as a limited series of 5,000, the model has gone on to sell 1.9 million vehicles in the past 37 years.

2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI with first gen Golf GTI

3) Before the GTI had officially gone into production, the ‘Sport Golf’, as the engineers referred to it, was actually the first unofficial GTI.

1976 Volkswagen Golf GTI side

4)  GTI stands for Grand Turismo Injection.

2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI rear

5) The “Design Vision GTI” can reach up to 300km/h.

Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI

6) The engine of the first Golf GTI produced exactly 109 horsepower. Now, the seventh generation Golf GTI sends  218 horsepower to the front wheels – which is exactly double the power of the first Golf GTI.

2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI front

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