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2014 Ford Fusion
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  • 2014 Fusion
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Review Summary:

The brand new will not be arriving in the UAE until February 2014. It has had a complete makeover and from what we’ve seen, it looks…like a Taurus. But does it beat its Japanese rivals?


Well equipped


Lack of engine options


Upon seeing the new 2014 Ford Fusion for the first time you could be forgiven for thinking that you were staring at an under-fed Taurus. But look again and you will soon begin to see the differences. This latest instalment utilises Ford’s new design trend, featuring among other things, narrow, angular headlamps and an Aston Martin-like grille. The swooping back certainly looks sporty for a mid-sized saloon, and as an option for the sportier owner, there is a rear-spoiler as well. Who would want such a thing on this car is unknown.

2014 Ford Fusion Front


The interior looks tidy, if a little plain. There are some agreeable design features, such as the pylons that swoop down from the fascia and over the centre console. As far as the space available for rear passengers is concerned, adequate, is the answer. This car is intended to rival the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, meaning that Ford haven’t needed to worry too much about making the inside too exciting. They win be default.

2014 Ford Fusion interior


Seemingly inspired by Knightrider, the Fusion will download your phone contacts and iTunes, so not only will you be able to make voice activated calls, but also be able to tell KITT what playlist you would like to listen to. Also available is parking assistance as well as a lane-changing system, which sounds the alarm when you are needlessly drifting perilously close to the lane markers.

2014 Ford Fusion top

What’s on offer?

A S and SE model are both coming to the UAE, with both models coming with a 2.5 litre i-VCT straight-4 engine as standard, together with a 6-speed select shift automatic gearbox. To really get the most out of the Fusion, you are best off opting for the SE model, as the standard S is quite basic. Although the 2014 Ford Fusion will not be making its way to Middle Eastern territory until February, prices are expected to range between AED 89,000 and AED 130,000.

2014 Ford Fusion rear

Summing it…

The new Fusion is certainly far more pleasing on the eye than the old one. Gone is the hideous Gillette Mach-3 Razor grille, and in is the new, angrier face of Ford, or Aston Martin if you will. While it is common these days for car-makers to follow a regimented style doctrine, take Audi as a quick example, it does endanger the car’s image as being potentially soulless and unappealing. However right now, today, the Fusion is a good-looking car, but I do worry that every other Ford will look just like it in five years’ time. If I had to choose between the Fusion, the Camry or the Accord, then I’d take the Ford in a heartbeat.

2014 Ford Fusion Front

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