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First thoughts: head and tail lamps are uncanny to the far-reaching lights made famous by the new Range Rover Vogue. But no one batted an eye when the prestigious Land Rover “borrowed” those minor design cues. It’s unmistakably a , however, the oversized grille looks like it can bludgeon down one of Dubai’s towers, if it weren’t made of plastic. The overall aesthetics are more appealing with wide windows, a roof rack, and chrome door handles.

2014 Ford Explorer Front


Ford’s team of OCD designers have cleaned out every last button that once occupied the dash, replacing them with sensitive touch climate controls, and a Microsoft powered touch screen that houses all the media functions.  The only knob surfacing is the trail mode selector that neighbors the gear lever.

Sitting inside suddenly makes you feel smaller, with high door panels and a hood so humongous it obscures your view of smaller objects, dropping a cat’s lives to 8, which is 1 life more than the Explorer’s seating capacity. The rear seats are perfect, high enough for your feet to almost swing. Rear occupants have climate control and reclining seats but will have to bear the annoyance of the roof curtain that sags down and flaps violently when the windows are open.

2014 Ford Explorer Interior


For 2014, Ford has fitted larger brake calipers to improve stopping power for this 2 tonne SUV. The Sport variant has an EcoBoost engine which delivers power and torque consistent with larger engines, while achieving 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions.

What’s on offer?

The Explorer is powered by a 3.5L V6 with 290 HP and will set you back AED 135,000 while the “Sport” variant has 2 turbochargers that generate 350HP and costs AED 205,000! The base model has a FWD drivetrain but you can get it as a 4WD with terrain management for a little extra dough. The ambient lighting, moon roof, leather seats, 12 Sony speakers and key-less engine starter are some of the options offered.

2014 Ford Explorer rear

Summing it…

What we are beginning to witness my friends, is the end of the V8 era, with the car industry shifting to more fuel efficient alternatives as is the case with the Explorer. With sporty styling, AWD, decent power, and 2nd row airbags, it seems like a no brainer to go for it, if it weren’t for the steep starting price, which towers over the competition.

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