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2014 Ford Mustang
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Review Summary:

With the new 2015 Mustang on its way, there is not much in the way of new tricks on the current model. And, really, it doesn’t matter. It is a fabulous car.




Some technical options are confusing


The fifth generation is entering its ninth and final year of service. But with the brand new sixth generation model being unveiled this week, there is little new for 2014. The fifth generation Mustang is unquestionably the best looking incarnation since the original 1964 car. The front is sharp and angry, the side profile is sporty, and the back is arranged in typical muscle-car fashion. And for all its beauty it refuses to make a fuss. Its simple good looks will play havoc with your temptation.

2014 Ford Mustang Front


There are not many cars around that have a rich heritage quite like the Mustang. It’s been with us now for nearly 50 years. We’ve seen them in films and on TV, we’ve seen them race round the track, we’ve seen them in museums, on the road, and we had the dinky toys, too. When you sit inside you feel a part of that history. If Steve McQueen can rag it around San Francisco, sideways, then why can’t you? Inside, everything is as you’d expect it be: big, butch, sporty, raw, and oddly simplistic. The styling inside is certainly a retro attempt, yet tastefully done. The steering wheel and dials in particular are most attractive.

2014 Ford Mustang interior


The Mustang has maintained its old-fashioned principles. For example, the seats adjust with a manual lever, as opposed to being powered. Rear wheel drive is combined with traction control as well as a plethora of gear ratio options, which does sound a smidge too technical for the average car-buyer. Things like cruise control and keyless entry are standard features too, yet still everything about the Mustang feels manual, not automated.

2014 Ford Mustang rear

What’s on offer?

There are four versions on offer: 3.7 litre V6, V6 Premium, GT, and the GT Premium. The GT versions boasting a V8 engine that emits 412 horsepower. The list of standard features and optional extras is seemingly endless, but then you see the price… The basic V6 with a manual gearbox starts at AED 109,000. You read that correctly. AED 109,000 for a car of this type is staggeringly good value. A V6 model with an automatic gearbox will set you back AED 142,000, whereas a basic V8 GT version will begin at AED 147,000. Still, the basic V6 will get you from 0-100kp/h in 5.3 seconds, give you 305 horses, and give you 100 kilometres for every 10 litres.

Summing it

You may have gathered that I am a very big Mustang fan. When you compare it to its main rivals, the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger (both brilliant cars, too), it still comes out on top because it possesses a certain je ne sais quoi. Looking at the Mustang will make you feel like a kid again and sitting in it is guaranteed to make you smile. When you start the engine and hear the noise you will be inclined to go out and find some bad guys to chase you.

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