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2014 Ford F-150
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Review Summary:

Ford’s F-150 is one of its trademark models, and is perhaps the most successful Pick-up in the USA. If you want one, however, then there is a lot of studying to be done as the range of models is vast.




Too many options
Flat-bed space smaller with larger cabs


The F-150 comes in multiple formats, from single cab, to one and half cab, to double cab. Obviously the length of the cab is different with each model, and this alters the length of the flat-bed as well. Things are fairly standard at the front, with the monstrous front end imposing itself over all before it. The headlamps are quite sizeable, but they are dwarfed by the huge grille, which looks more like a chromium farm-yard gate. The sides are big and square making the truck look tough. There is nothing soft about the styling at all.

2014 Ford F150 front


Inside the F-150 you are surrounded by one of the finest interiors offered by Ford. It is all very functional and is neatly arranged. It is quite angular, with plenty of cuboids on show, but they are balanced out quite nicely with the flowing dash and rounded vents. Everything feels heavy-duty, and that it has been made to last for a long time. There is not much in the way of cheap plastic which is refreshing.

2014 Ford F150 interior


A lot of work has gone into strengthening the F-150, with the doors fitted with a side-intrusion steel beam, offering tremendous safety to its occupants. One of the best features of the F-150 is its “Trailer Sway Control”. If your trailer begins to fishtail then a light comes on in the cab and a light amount of brake is applied to the wheels to rectify the sway. Of course Ford make it quite clear that you are accountable for your own speed when towing, and that the feature is merely to warn you that all is not well from the tow-bar back.

2014 F150 rear

What’s on offer?

There are several models available, each with their own multitude of sub-versions. Most models come equipped with a 5.0 litre Ti-VCT V8 engine which will churn out 360bhp, will reach 160kp/h, and get you from stationary to 100kp/h in a gentleman’s 7.3 seconds. The very basic model, with a regular cab, is good value at AED 109,000. But from there up the list of variances is so vast that even Ford doesn’t know how much a fully spec’d up model will cost!

Summing it

If you like your pick-up trucks then you will love the F-150. It is a big, burly beast of a truck which will terrify anyone who happens to see one looming down on them in their rear-view mirror. Considering that the basic version starts at the same price as a Mustang at AED 109,000 then you can’t really go wrong. There are two drawbacks: Firstly, should you opt for a double-cab then the space in the flat-bed is greatly reduced. Secondly, you have to really know what you want since the list of options is humongous, and just saying “yes” to everything the dealer offers means that you could end up spending thousands on things you don’t want or need.

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