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2014 Ford Escape
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Review Summary:

The Escape has shaken off its Mazda tribute cargo pants and slipped into a prettier dress. It’s trying to prove it’s a different, more modern compact crossover. But can its identity crisis convince us of its new found direction or will it forever be haunted and unable to Escape it’s Mazda past?


Extremely spacious


No All Wheel Drive option


Some may argue that all crossovers including the Tucson and Tiguan are just knockoffs of one another. Identical sloping roofline, and their low riding SUV-ish resilience seen hundreds of times over. The Escape has joined that circle with more progressive overall styling, oval headlamps, and a slimmed down grille. It has gone for a long overdue massage that has mended the stiff, up-tight, and boxy structure into a more rounded crossover. But by the time the masseuse had gotten to the boot the clock had run out, and the dreadful vertical back looks like a smiling extra-terrestrial that will mesmerize tailgaters.

2014 Ford Escape Front


Even though the outer shell has slashed a few pounds, the inside has become slightly roomier. With better head and leg room than the outgoing model, this new escape is starting to show it really has turned over a new leaf. Chrome door finishes, a multimedia touch screen, and a speedo that looks like it was pulled off a Speed bike are just the icing on the cake.

2014 Ford Escape interior


The all new Torque Vectoring is intended to apply brakes on the inside tire on a curvy road, which will help the car rotate better. Another handy new feature is the hands-free tailgate opener that pops open the boot at the sweep of your foot under the car.

2014 Ford Escape rear

What’s on offer?

The base Escape S has a 2.5L 4 cylinder that powers the front wheels putting out a mediocre 168 HP for AED 83,300. But you won’t have to pay extra for the back-up camera and push start button as they come standard. The 10 Sony speakers, automatic liftgate opener, leather, and 18” alloys are some of the extras in the Titanium variant.

Summing it…

It seems it hasn’t fully gotten over its long term relationship with Mazda since 2010, as it parades a similar outer shell to the CX-5. Practicality wise however, it’s got enough space overall especially with flattened out rear seats. Its underpowered engine and lack of AWD makes you reconsider your options like the Hyundai Tucson that is AED 10,000 cheaper.

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