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2014 Toyota 86
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  • 2014 86
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Review Summary:

They promised us one of the most thrilling and rewarding rear-wheel drive coupes ever, it’s not official, but the 86 will certainly leave any petrol-head standing in line for a piece of the action.


Exterior design


Only one engine choice


Petite, with a fiery attitude, the 2014 Toyota 86 features the same flared arches and a mean front-end that devours any curvy road you toss the nimble 1.2 tonne Tasmanian devil into. The different vibrant colour options liven the car’s character, complimented by 17’’ alloy rims, and a lip spoiler.

2014 Toyota 86 side


The Toyota 86 offers a perfect seating position. You’re tightly clenched by the shoulder high bolstered seats which level you to a 90° angled steering wheel. As though instinct, your hands instantaneously reach for the manual gear stick which has a solid gear flow, seamless, and rigid free, giving you an irresistible urge to shift for the hell of it. The dashboard is simple with no distractions, reinstating its driver focused promise. The rear would be better fit to torment someone rather than seat them. The 2 rear “seats” are so small, they’re not even worth mentioning.

2014 Toyota 86 interior


The masterminds at Toyota have fitted the 86 with normal sized tires that aren’t too wide with just enough grip. But drifting maniacs will have no trouble throwing out the tail due to the LSD (limited slip differential) which transfers power to the tire with the most traction for maximum control and sideways enjoyment.

What’s on offer?

Built in conjunction with Subaru, the 2.0L Boxer engine is good for 200 horsepower revving to 7,000 RPM. The base manual transmission that car enthusiasts will certainly opt for starts at AED 94,900 and comes with auto folding mirrors, 7 airbags, CD/USB/IPOD/Bluetooth, 16” alloy rims, and the only variant that offers the LSD and differential lock. The leather seats, paddle shifters, and 17” alloys are options offered for the automatic transmission only.

2014 Toyota 86 rear

Summing it…

Supra revived? Far from it. Its performance won’t keep up with a modern hatchback. But that won’t stop the 86 from putting a smile on your face every time you drive it. Granted, a turbo charged boxer engine would probably widen the grin, or even the teased concept Cabrio as seen at the 2013 Dubai Motor show would.

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