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Out goes the outdated Mini-Camry, and in comes a fresh and updated . Up front is a beefier bumper, with a chrome grille that showcases a bulging ‘in your face’ logo. The grille spreads its reach leaving shiny remnants inside the headlamps where a new LED strip and more striking circular lights are found. The boot is eaten away by the massive rear window but is still surprisingly large inside.

2014 Toyota Corolla Front


The cabin looks like it was a rush job. The sandwiched layers of plastic, soft touch materials, and more plastic overwhelms the dashboard, and the 3 color combo makes me want to congratulate their attempt to liven a dull interior or criticize the center piece which looks out of place. The flattened out dashboard gives this city tourer exceptional visibility. Even with the front seats pushed to the furthest back, the corolla fits 3 adults better than most other cars in its class.

2014 Toyota Corolla Interior


ECO mode is a new option that reduces throttle response to help you accelerate slowly and smoothly. It also modifies air conditioning response to reduce the drain on engine power and improves fuel economy.

What’s on offer?

Toyota’s 1.6L engine has not yet been put down. Mated to the prehistoric 4 speed automatic transmission, it puts out 121 HP and 154 NM of torque for AED 59,500. The all-new 2.0L 4 cylinder engine replaces the 1.8L and is rated at 143HP and 187 NM of torque for a starting price of AED 73,900 and topping up at AED 86,900.

For the goodies, the 2.0 litre won’t wow you with a whole lot of extra performance with its  extra 22HP but comes with more options as standard including DLR (LED lights), parking sensors, and keyless entry. The GLI option available for the 2.0 offers a 3.5” screen, fog lamps, folding leather seats, and alloy wheels.

Summing it…

The Corolla has better fuel economy than the Nissan Tiida, is cheaper than the Mazda 3 and more spacious than the Honda Civic. It has some questionable aspects, however, like the optional folding seats, unavailability of a sunroof and outdated transmission. But those things are overlooked when compared to the Japanese reliability and are unlikely to strip the Corolla of its title as the top selling nameplate worldwide.

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  1. Magdeline Seakgosing Reply

    February 10, 2016 at 10:34 am

    please quote for me 2014/15 Corolla first drive

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      July 25, 2017 at 8:16 pm

      Dear Sirs ,
      I’m interested to buy 3 Toyota corolla 2014model.

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