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2014 Toyota Sequoia
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Review Summary:

The Sequoia is born from the Tundra, which is one of the strongest cars available. It certainly looks mean, but why would you choose it over the popular Land Cruiser?


Flawless interior


Unappealing exterior styling


Trying to understand who might buy this car is as hard as trying to pronounce its name properly. The 2014 Toyota Sequoia is a full-sized SUV based on the Toyota Tundra, and therefore the front end is nigh-on identical to the famous pick-up. Yet somehow it looks angry, frustrated even. The overall design does seem unrefined, with the uprights that surround the back side windows being too chunky. The tailgate is also overly plump, and it makes the entire car look overweight.

2014 Toyota Sequoia Side


Inside is a very different story, and the interior is certainly one of Toyota’s best efforts. The driver stares at a silver dash, with the dials all separated from each other. The gear lever is right over close to the driver too. It certainly makes the driver feel like they are in control. The steering wheel feels a bit dated in comparison to the rest of the make-up, but otherwise it is near to flawless.

2014 Toyota Sequoia Interior


The first thing that caught my eye was the sheer space available when you put all the back seats down. Everything folds flat easily, and although the exact volume wasn’t available, be assured that you could fit a light aircraft in there. The Sequoia also comes with “Air and Variable Suspension,” which will optimise passenger comfort, as well as something called “Super-Intelligent Transmission” that alters gear changes to suit the conditions.

What’s on offer?

The Sequoia comes with a 5.7 litre engine that produces a whopping 381 horsepower. The basic model starts at a reasonable AED 159, 500, whereas the top of the range version will set you back AED 206,000. The middle-range model is around AED 193,000 and comes with leather seats, a multimedia system, as well as an assortment of other neat goodies.

2014 Toyota Sequoia rear

Summing it…

While I am a big fan of the Toyota Tundra – I used to drive one – I can’t help but feel that the Sequoia doesn’t really serve a purpose. The basic model is about AED 20,000 cheaper than the cheapest Land Cruiser. But when you’re paying over AED 200,000 for a 4WD Toyota I don’t know what would draw you to the Sequoia over the more illustrious Land Cruiser. It is rumoured that Toyota will be discontinuing the Sequoia after 2014 off the back with poor sales in North America. I kind of see why; no wonder it looks angry and frustrated.

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