Have you heard about the invisible helmet?

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Two design students, Anna and Terese, from Sweden have come  up with an interesting idea – an airbag helmet that only deploys in case of a crash. By doing so, you can still enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of riding, the wind in your hair.

The Hövding helmet is essentially a collar that you need to wrap around your neck and zip up. Though many people will believe you’re just sporting a new scarf, little will they know you’ve got an airbag that protects you in case of a crash. The air bag is designed like a hood and made with an ultra-strong nylon fabric that doesn’t get damaged when scraped against the ground.

Hovding helmet

The collar is made of a waterproof functional fabric that provides the best possible protection for the built-in airbag system. The collar is ergonomically designed with even weight distribution across the shoulders. It is slightly heavier in the back than at the front so that when cycling the weight is resting on the rider’s back.

Following an intensive research and development process that started in 2005, the company developed unique expertise in airbag helmet technology. Thousands of cycling accidents were re-enacted and compared to hundreds of hours of normal cycling with Hövding. It was only following this that they developed an algorithm so that the airbag “knows” when to deploy.

In spite of being a brilliant idea, the  Hövding helmet is unlikely to be worn by the majority of bicyclists due to its hefty price tag. According to the official website, the helmet retails for € 399 or AED 1985!

Click here to watch the Hövding helmet in action

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