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2014 Audi Q3
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  • 2014 Q3
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Review Summary:

Audi’s new Q3 is a compact crossover car based on the MK5 Golf. Don’t let the looks fool you, this is not designed for use as an off-roader, but more of a lifestyle accessory. Think of it as a regular hatchback that you could also use to transport small sports equipment around in.


Excellent boot space


Expensive for what is essentially a Golf


Audi’s range of Q cars all suffer from a lack of imagination on the design front. The Q3 is no different, so there is little to get excited about. It isn’t all bad, however, and they have certainly outdone their rivals with the back. The rear hatch is profiled quite nicely, so from the side the Q3 does look sleek, and the front is certainly the best looking when compared to its big brothers; the Q5 and Q7. But otherwise there is little to write home about.

2014 Audi Q3 Exterior Collage


Inside things are smart, if a little unremarkable. When you are sitting inside you really do feel like you are in a Golf, and that’s ok if you like Golf’s. The centre console is very nicely arranged and the seats are comfortable. The steering wheel drips with sporting pretence, which is lovely, but there is little else about the Q3 that screams “exciting”. The boot space is excellent, and you could squeeze about four suitcases in there even before you need the put the back seats down.

2014 Audi Q3 interior


The Q3 comes with everything that you would expect from the modern Audi offerings. The multimedia system has a 20GB hard drive and allows you to spool through all manner of multimedia functions. Like other models, it folds into the top of the dashboard which is still a really good piece of engineering.

What’s on offer?

The is available with two different versions of the 2.0 litre engine. The base model, with a respectable 170 horsepower, starts at AED 132,400. It will get you along nicely, and seven litres from its 64 litre fuel tank will give you 100 kilometres. The 211 horsepower version costs an extra AED 10,000 but why you would pay that for very little extra remains a mystery.

Summing it…

When you first see the Q3 in the showroom you will think to yourself “ooh, what’s it for?” And when you leave the showroom the chances are you still won’t know. It may look like an off-roader, good for dune bashing, but it has not been built with that in mind. It is just a hatchback designed to look different, in the same way that you can buy a chair from a fancy furniture store for AED 5,000. It does the same job as the chair you bought from Carrefour for AED70, it just looks different and costs more money. But that’s what this car is about: image. If you’re smart, you’ll buy a Golf instead.

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