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Clearly, the game has been upped. Stands are bigger and more impressive than any previous motor shows at the World Trade Centre arena. Here are our top picks from the 2013 .

Toyota stand at 2013 Dubai Motor Show

On top of the pecking order – scores a must visit rank. The huge LED display screen behind the racy Camry and FT 86 UAE Drift team car is the biggest that we spotted in the show. The stand is planned in three sections, other than the lounge area where they have a Starbucks machine brewing hot coffee through the day. The SUV section, with its slightly tapered elevation holds all desert warriors together towards one end of the stand. As you walk in, what we call, the green section shows up. Don’t miss the moving cross section Hybrid display car amongst other hybrids on display in this area. That then leaves the third part of the stand, which is a mixture of fun and concept cars. While you will see gaming consoles on other stands, why look far, just spot one at Nissan opposite this stand, has turned a real FT 86 car into a gaming simulator. No speeding tickets here and no fines for not wearing a seat belt. Go over; ogle at the open top 86 and the new Corolla. Have a bit of fun.

Ford at 2013 Dubai Motor Show

next. There is simply no other stand that shows branding as prominently as this one. From blue walls to blue bits in the floor carpet, you cannot miss the blue oval. The big and bold Atlas concept pickup truck sits right at the entrance of this stand. Unlike many stands where concepts and classic cars are tucked away towards the rear end, boldly displayed its new Concept truck upfront. The new EcoSport, ’s new small car, sits right up front as well. Taurus, launched at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show, sits perched up on a turntable doing its duties. Browny points to for keeping it simple and bold – the American way.

Opel stand at 2013 Dubai Motor Show

Two brands that stood above expectations were and Peugeot. Undeterred by their comparatively smaller sizes, both brands have done a good job, more than Peugeot. The colours of the French carmaker are nowhere to be seen on their stand. A hint of blue would have done it. , on the other hand, does a fine job of displaying its cars in a subtle, yet noticeable manner. Brand colours are used well on the stand. These two share the third and penultimate slot in the ‘Impressed by’ list.

Stands at 2013 Dubai Motor Show

Premium brands, particularly Aston Martin and Bentley have done justice to their brand values. Properly equipped lounges for any discerning buyer who might want to make a purchase there and then – which is as impulsive as it can get in the Middle East, are a plus. While Ferrari has splashed red all over and McLaren has their reception desk designed in line with their logo, it is the Bugatti and Lamborghini stands that caught us off guard for their simplicity – cars and nothing else, well not much. But then when you have these cars in your face, do the eyeballs or sensory organs need more? Although most of those visiting the show will be unable to step inside the stands of these brands due to their restricted entry policy, looking at the cars from the fence is a rewards by itself.

Fundamentally, every brand has upped its game in the 2013 Dubai Motor Show when compared to previous years of the event. The show is beginning to visually resemble more closer to an International show such as the Geneva Motor Show.

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