Hyundai Fuel Cell Farm uses zero-emission ix35 to grow plants

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Hyundai Fuel Cell Farm Design Sketch

Farm Design Sketch

There is nothing new in the idea of using vegetation to produce oil which can be turned into biodiesel to power a car. But reversing the idea and using a car’s exhaust emissions to grow plants that can be used as fuel – okay, food – for people…well that is new.

But that’s exactly what Hyundai are planning to showcase next week in London when the Korean carmaker will unveil a world-first: a unique piece of design theatre that aims to educate people about the real-life benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology, at the Design Museum. Deputy Mayor of London, Kit Malthouse, will show his support for the project by opening the Hyundai Fuel Cell Farm – the world’s first aquaponics eco-system powered by Hyundai’s zero-emission ix35 Fuel Cell.

The Fuel Cell Farm, which will be a free-of-charge installation positioned outside the front of the Design Museum, on Monday for one day only.

On the day a lecture will take place which will be hosted by a panel from WIRED magazine, Fuel Cell Farm designers Something & Son, the Greater London Authority and experts from Hyundai.

There will then be a Fuel Cell Farm Barbeque where renowned eco-chef Tom Hunt, known for running his kitchens entirely waste free; recycling, reusing and composting everything, will cook a special meal using the plants grown on the fuel cell farm.

The Fuel Cell Farm uses hydroponics to grow plants which can then be used for food

The Fuel Cell Farm uses hydroponics to grow plants which can then be used for food



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