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Quick Review

GoodGood Beautiful exterior, wonderful interior
SpecsSpecs6.6L biturbo V12, 624hp and 800Nm of torque.
PricePriceAED 1,400,000 - AED 1,600,000
RatingEditors Rating Four Star

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Crazy. That’s how we’d describe people who took expensive luxury rollers and threw them around a track. Go ahead and call us hypocritical but when the opportunity to drive the most powerful Rolls Royce ever produced around Yas Marina Circuit came up, we’d be crazy to let the opportunity slide!

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Being a part of the Rolls Royce family, the Wraith is nothing short of gorgeous. Upfront, the Wraith houses a revised deeper grille and even has the Spirit of Ecstasy tilted slightly forward indicating its willingness to go. Move along the car and as you admire the neat fastback bodywork, you’ll notice the beautiful pinstripe running along the side of the car giving it even more character.

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Pull open the traditional coach doors and feast your eyes on the beautiful interior comprising of the finest leather and wood trim. As you’d expect, the softest and nicest to touch materials have been used all over the cabin, even the carpets were marshmallow soft! The Wraith is capable of seating 4 adults in absolute comfort and the stunning starlit roof makes its way into the car as well.


For the techies, with endless buttons and switches to toy with, the Wraith will feel like paradise. In addition to a massive multimedia screen and touchpad, the Wraith also offers head-up display and a wireless hotspot. However, it was the innovative Satellite Aided Transmission that blew  our mind away. Using GPS and map data, the transmission is capable of seeing a lot further than the driver and accordingly adjusts the transmission to ensure the Wraith is in the ideal gear every step of the way.

What’s on offer?

Fitted with a mighty 6.6 litre biturbo V12 engine, the Wraith produces 624 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque! With power being sent to the rear wheels, the 2.4 tonne beauty is propelled from 0 – 100km/h in a mere 4.6 seconds. Along with the 8 speed Satellite Aided Transmission, electronic damper control and air suspension ensure a supremely smooth and comfortable ride.

Summing it…

Offering a brilliant ride and an interior unlike any other, the Wraith is everything a Rolls Royce should be and more. However, with prices ranging from AED 1,400,000 to AED 1,600,000 the Wraith is significantly more expensive than its main rival the Bentley Continental GT.

Click here to view a detailed spec sheet.

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