VW sales bouyant in Asia-Pac, N. America, challenging elsewhere

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Golf remains a cornerstone of VW passenger sales worldwide

Golf remains a cornerstone of VW passenger sales worldwide

delivered 3.38 million passenger cars worldwide in the period from January to July this year, a 3.7 per cent increase on the 3.26m delivered in the same time frame last year. The brand handed over 466,100 vehicles to customers in the month of July (July 2012: 468,200; -0.5 per cent).

“The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand has produced a solid performance so far in a market situation that remains challenging. Given that the uncertain economic conditions will continue over the coming months, we are keeping a very close eye on developments in global automotive markets,” Christian Klingler, Board Member for Sales and Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, said in Wolfsburg on Tuesday.

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 0.98 (1.05; -6.8 per cent) million vehicles to customers on the overall European market in the first seven months. With the market situation in Western Europe (excluding Germany) remaining difficult, deliveries there fell by 6.8 per cent compared with the same period in 2012 to 492,400 (528,200) units. Deliveries in the home market of Germany were down 9.1 per cent to 328,400 (361,500) units. In Central and Eastern Europe, the company handed over 154,900 (157,100; -1.4 per cent) vehicles to customers, and 90,600 (95,600; -5.2 per cent) units were delivered in Russia.

In contrast, the brand grew deliveries by 17.0 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region from January to July, handing over 1.48 (1.27) million vehicles to customers there. 1.36 (1.14; +18.9 per cent) million vehicles were delivered in China (incl. Hong Kong) during the same period. In India, deliveries dropped to 36,900 (41,400; -11.1 per cent) units.

In the North America region, Volkswagen Passenger Cars grew deliveries by 3.6 per cent to 359,300 (346,700) units in the period to July, of which 242,600 (245,700; -1.3 per cent) models were handed over in the United States. Deliveries in the South America region from January to June dropped by 11.3 per cent to 419,100 (472,700) units, of which 314,900 (360,900; -12.8 per cent) vehicles were handed over in Brazil.


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