Alonso puts LaFerrari through its paces + video

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Alonso floors the LaFerrari around Fiorano

Alonso floors the LaFerrari around Fiorano

It’s one of the great privileges afforded to a F1 driver: to drive the pants off the most sophisticated, expensive and fastest set of wheels the company has on its development programme around the company’s Fiorano  test track at Maranello. In this case it is the awe-inspiring LaFerrari hybrid.

It’s all done in the name of research of course, but there is no doubt from the video of the event  provided by Ferrari that Fernando Alonso had released his inner 19-year-old self and was enjoying hooning around the circuit like a kid who’s nabbed the keys to Dad’s daily driver.

Of course Dad’s daily driver doesn’t have the 963 horsepower on offer from the combination of the V12 engine (800hp) and the electric motor (163hp) which powers the first hybrid car to come through the gates on Via Abetone Inferiore. But, hey, it’s all relative,

In fact, along with his team-mate Felipe Massa, the Spaniard was involved right from the start in the project and at the end of his run Alonso is seen providing feedback to the development engineers who dutifully take notes. Sadly we can’t lip-read a Spaniard speaking Italian but in all probability the word “quick” featured in there somewhere.

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