Michelin launches Primacy 3 tyre in Middle East

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The Michelin Primacy 3

The Primacy 3

Michelin has revealed its new, innovative Primacy 3 tyre in the Middle East. It features enhanced safety and performance features in line with Michelin’s Total Performance concept.

The successor to the Michelin Primacy HP provides shorter braking distance, gives excellent control when cornering and delivers the  long mileage expected of a Michelin tyre.

Hany Abdul Samad, Marketing Manager, MICHELIN Middle East, said: “Safety will always lead at the forefront of our operations and we strive to continuously deliver the most technologically advanced tyres to drivers to support them during their driving experience. A tyre plays a major role in a vehicle’s performance and it’s crucial for drivers to understand the performance differences that the right tyres can have on their vehicles and their road safety.”

“The Primacy 3 will deliver upon all its outlined expectations and we encourage drivers to make the proactive safety decisions to keep themselves and those around them safe,” concluded Hany.

The patented new rubber compound of the Michelin Primacy 3 optimizes grip in all conditions of use without sacrificing performance in other areas, namely longevity and fuel saving. The new compound is a unique, complex combination of different elastomers, a silica-based reinforcing agent and a resin-based softener. What makes the compound innovative is not only the ingredients themselves but even more importantly the optimal dosage of each ingredient and the mixing method. This unique combination binds the components very tightly, thereby providing higher mileage.

Because of the demands placed on tyres when braking sharply or cornering on both dry and wet roads, it’s important to have a maximum of rubber in contact with the road. The Michelin Primacy 3 features a new patented tread with self-blocking sipes. They lock into each other to make the blocks more rigid and less likely to lose their shape, thereby improving the contact between the tyre and the road. In addition to their original design, the new sipes are manufactured with a groundbreaking technology that can reduce their thickness to as little as two tenths of a millimeter.

As part of a summer safety campaign, Michelin has launched a promotion during which customers can win an all-inclusive trip for two to the Maldives on a daily basis, upon the purchase of two Michelin tyres, and be entered into the grand draw to stand a chance of winning a Mercedes-Benz SLK 200. To participate in the promotion, simply head to your local dealer or visit www.michelin-rewards.ae for further information.

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