Wholesaler Costco UK adds F1 racing simulators to stock

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The FMCG International-Formula 1 Race Car Simulator

The FMCG International- Race Car Simulator

It certainly doesn’t appear to fit the usual “pile it high, sell it cheap” wholesale business model but the UK arm of American membership-only warehouse chain Costco is offering a Full Size Racing Car Simulator to its cardholders for the price of £89,999.89 (around US$138,000).

The simulator body is made from composite materials with carbon fibre detailing and can be specified in one of three  colours; silver, red or black. Among its many features are a quick-release steering wheel, Brembo or AP Racing brakes, Pirelli tyres , three TFT screens and, naturally, a hugely powerful computer.

VRX iMotion Full-Motion Custom Racing Simulator

VRX iMotion Full-Motion Custom Racing Simulator

Too rich for your blood? Well you could always opt for the VRX iMotion Full-Motion Custom Racing Simulator at just £24,999 (around $39,000). This simulator has four commercial–grade high performance actuators that provide three axes of motion. Motion and vibration is generated according to the effects programmed in each individual driving experience, so that you feel any texture of the race track surface, transfer of weight and kick in the back from the up shift.

Still too pricey? Fear not, Costco UK have a far more affordable option in the form of the ProRaceSim Seat Racer – Driving Simulator, a snip at just a few pennies short of £6000 (around $9,300).

ProRaceSim Seat Racer - Driving Simulator

ProRaceSim Seat Racer – Driving Simulator

This piece of kit is specifically designed for high end gaming enthusiasts, manufactured from mild steel with aluminium tread plate. Each simulator consists of an adjustable racing seat, top specification digital entertainment PC, force feedback steering wheel, pedal box and 3 x 23″ wide TFT Screens.

Still too much? Maybe stick with the Xbox.

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