Land Rover Defender unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

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took veils off seven new Defender models at the 2013 . These models will not enter the production line but will be used by Land Rover in real world trials. delivers zero emissions without compensating on any of its capabilities in any sector.

2013 Land Rover Defender Series

Developed by Land Rover’s Advanced Engineering Team, all the vehicles have been tested in extreme and environmentally sensitive conditions.

“This project is acting as a rolling laboratory for Land Rover to assess electric vehicles, even in the most arduous all-terrain conditions. It gives us a chance to evolve and test some of the technologies that may one day be introduced into future Land Rover models,” said Antony Harper, Jaguar Land Rover Head of Research.

2013 Land Rover Defender f3q closer

The standard diesel engine and gearbox in Land Rover Defender has been replaced by a 70 kW (94 bhp), 330 Nm electric motor twinned with a 300-volt, lithium-ion battery (weighs 410 kg) with a capacity of 27 kWh. All of this packed together allows Land Rover Defender to have a range of 50 miles. Gear shifting is not required as the electric motor delivers maximum torque right when it starts.

Since the battery, the inverter and the motor are all air-cooled, the vehicle saves up a lot in terms of its weight. However, the kerb weight gain is 100 kg and ranges from 2055 kg to 2162 kg depending on the body structure.

2013 Land Rover Defender f3q 2

The Land Rover Defender is robust and can climb obstacles without damaging the ground unnecessarily. Off-road on a slow speed, the Land Rover Defender can run up to eight hours before recharging. A 7 kW fast charger will charge the off-roader in four hours and an on-the-go portable charger will do the same in 10 hours.

Features that have been retained in Land Rover Defender are the four-wheel drive system and differential lock. A modified version of the Land Rover’s Terrain Response System is also a part of the Land Rover Defender.

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