Honda launches the 2013 N-One mini car

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has started sales of the cute and cuddly N-One, the third model of the new N Series mini-vehicle following the N Box and the N Box+ and a new addition to the Kei line-up, across dealerships in Japan.

Honda N-One

The N-One’s pert, rounded-box looks bring Honda’s N360/N600 (the first mass-produced Honda mini passenger car introduced to the market in 1967) styling cues to the 21st century. The N-One can accommodate four adults.

The boxy Kei car will offer two power-plants displacing 660cc each, one naturally aspirated and one turbocharged, as well as both front- and all-wheel- drive configurations. Honda hasn’t revealed output figures for the N-One engines, but goes on to say that the turbo charged engine ‘makes driving performance equivalent to a vehicle in the 1.3 liter class’. The fuel economy is just staggering at 27.0km per liter of patrol and is realized through the combination of the DOHC engine and optimally-tuned CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

Honda N-One

The car also gets many safety features like the stability assist, hill start assist along with side curtain airbag system and the front seat side airbag system. For the first time among all mini-vehicles in the market, the emergency stop signal system, which responds to sudden braking and quickly blinks hazard lamps automatically to alert the drivers of trailing vehicles, is featured as standard equipment on all cars.

One fact we would like to highlight is that, according to Honda, more than 90% of the entire vehicle is recyclable. If true, the CSR department of Honda is doing a pretty good job.

Honda N-One

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