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Though the name might suggest there is some commonality between this model and the smaller Cherokee, there isn’t.

In fact, the Grand Cherokee shares more with the bigger (phased out) Commander than it does with the compact SUV. There were initial plans of a new Grand Cherokee supposed to be unveiled by the end of 2011 but since Fiat took over the company those plans have been shelved and there is no concrete word on the new Grand Cherokee that should be unveiled next year.

If you’re a Jeep fan, but you’re not into your Wranglers, then it’s likely that you’re fond of the Grand Cherokee. It has stood for being an honest, fairly large, but reasonably competent 4×4 both on and off the beaten track. And the third generation model follows much the same premise. Well, all except the monstrously powered SRT-8 version with its 455bhp 6.4-litre V8, which isn’t much cop off road and is too busy tearing up the tarmac to give any consideration to its abilities to drive on it.

The less extreme and more down to earth versions – otherwise known as the Laredo, Limited and Overland – are available with a choice of 3.6-litre V6 or a 5.7-litre V8. All come with a five-speed automatic gearbox and active four-wheel drive systems with the ability to select different drive modes to suit the off-road conditions.

The seats are large and comfortable and there’s decent head and legroom for all passengers. Those not looking to use their Grand Cherokee off-road should look at the Overland version, which is fitted with chrome alloy wheels, rear-seat DVD entertainment package and more luxurious interior trim.


Price: AED 130,000 – 260,000


Max power
: 286bhp
Max torque: 347Nm

5.7-litre V8
Max power:
Max torque: 520Nm

6.4-litre V8
Max power:
Max torque: 630Nm


5-speed automatic

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