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The X1 is a compact crossover from  and is based on the 3 Series sedan platform.

Although a 4×4/SUV happy market, the Middle East buyer’s have not shown much liking for smaller SUV’s or crossovers, as has been the case in much of Europe. Despite this, there has been a flood of smaller sedan based SUVs and crossovers that have steadily trickled from a number of brands, including the Japanese camp. Interestingly enough, the Korean brands have been selling reasonable numbers in this segment.

2013 BMW X1 front three-quarters leaked shot

The is available as a rear wheel drive or a all wheel drive version. The entry-level variants are rear wheel drive and the sDrive18i gets a 2-litre inline-4 engine with 150bhp. The sDrive20i gets the same engine with a maximum output of 185bhp. The xDrive20i is a all wheel drive version of the sDrive20i. The xDrive25i gets an inline-6 engine with a maximum output of 218bhp and the sDrive28i gets 245bhp from the same engine. All versions get a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The BMW X1 can be bought in a bare basic mode or a fully loaded version depending on the trim level. Standard safety features include six airbags, ABS, traction control and cornering brakes.



sDrive18i: AED 140,000 – AED 175,000
xDrive20i: AED 185,000 – AED 200,000
xDrive25i: AED 200,000 – AED 225,000
xDrive28i: AED 225,000 – AED 250,000


2-litre inline-4
Max power: 150bhp at 6400rpm
Max torque: 200Nm at 3600rpm

2-litre inline-4 turbocharged
Max power:
184bhp at 5000-6500rpm
Max torque: 270Nm at 1250-4500rpm

3-litre inline 6
Max power:
218bhp at 6100rpm
Max torque: 280Nm at 2500rpm

3-litre inline-6 turbocharged
Max power:
245bhp at 5000 – 6500rpm
Max torque: 350Nm at 1250 – 4800rpm


6-speed automatic

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