2012 BMW 1 Series | new car review

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The latest generation 1 Series is longer and larger than its predecessor. It has also been redesigned and has gained momentum and elegance. has also increased interior space but don’t expect a lot of it in the second row.

The is available in four body style to satisfy all kinds of buyers. You can have it in a three-door, five-door, and forms. Each model is then segregated by engine capacity.

BMW has one 1.6-litre engine, two 2-litre engines and two 3-litre engines on offer. The 116i gets the smallest engine of the lot and produces 116bhp. The 118i and the 120i get the 2-litre inline-4 engine producing 135bhp (naturally aspirated) and 156bhp (turbocharged) respectively. The larger 3-litre engine produces 258bhp in the 130i. All variants get a 6-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.

The Coupe and the Convertible are also available with a turbocharged version of the inline-6 engine that makes 306bhp.

Dual front airbags and traction control is part of standard equipment and a host of additional safety features are available as optional including adaptive headlights, 360-degree view and also the M package.


3/5 door: AED 100,000 – AED 160,000
Coupe: AED 140,000 – AED 185,000
Convertible: AED 145,000 – AED 210,000


1.6-litre inline 4 (116i)
Max power:116bhp
Max torque:130NM

2-litre inline-4 (118i)
Max power: 135bhp
Max torque: 190Nm

2-litre inline-4 (120i)
Max power:156bhp
Max torque: 210Nm

3-litre inline-6 (130i)
Max power: 256bhp
Max torque: 270Nm

3-litre inline-6 turbocharged (135i)
Max power: 305bhp
Max torque: 400Nm


6-speed automatic

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