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The Tiguan is a compact SUV from that shares the same platform as the previous generation Golf hatchback. It received a minor facelift for the version and prominently displays the new VW corporate look.

This gives away its on-road slant, although it does have a high ground clearance for the lightest of off-road journeys. It was introduced in 2007 and features a fairly stiff suspension, as befits its description as an SUV “with the design of a genuine sports car” (Volkswagen’s words, not ours).

The Tiguan seats five and has a 470-litre boot that can be expanded to 1,510 litres by folding down the rear row of seats. It will happily pull up to 2.5-tonnes of trailer.

The Tiguan gets a 2-litre engine but power output differs. The naturally aspirated engine makes 170bhp while the turbocharged engine makes 200bhp. Both are attached to six-speed dual-clutch DSG gearboxes, which promise quicker and smoother shifts than a regular automatic transmission.

Exactly what versions of the are available will depend on your local dealer, but each package has a slightly different slant. The Track and Field version boasts nominal off-road equipment such as under body protection and hill descent control, while the Sport and Style edition is aimed at city dwellers and features 17-inch alloy wheels and standard cruise control.

Other available features include a panoramic sunroof and Park Assist, which operates the steering automatically during parallel paring. To help further, a rear view camera is available, as is satellite navigation. Hill Start assist stops the Tiguan rolling backwards when pulling away from standstill on a slope.


Price: AED 90,000 – AED 140,000


2-litre inline-4
Max power: 170bhp
Max torque: 240Nm

2-litre inline-4 turbocharged
Max power:
Max torque: 280Nm


6-speed dual-clutch transmission

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