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The newly launched Q3 is based on the VW Tiguan platform and is the smallest in ’s lineup. It bares close styling resemblance to its elder brothers the Q5 and the ever popular Q7.

The is a luxury crossover aimed at those customers who primarily want to use this car in the city. In spite of its off-road appearance it’s advisable to keep this crossover on road at all times. It comes loaded with Audi’s selection of styling and equipment packages like the S line exterior package, the off-road styling package, equipment package and the style package. The Style package includes all the styling additions in the S line package along with larger 18-inch double spoke alloy wheels.

All variants are powered by a 2-litre TFSI direct injection turbocharged inline-4 engine but the power output differs according to grade. In the base level this engine produces 170bhp and in the top level variant it produces 211bhp. Both these variants get a 7-speed dual clutch (DSG) transmission with manual over ride. Internationally the Q3 is also available with a 2.5-litre inline-5 turbo engine but that isn’t available in the Middle East.

Even though the prices start at AED 137,000, a quick look at the options list will show that most must have features are left out from the list of standard equipment. The Audi Q3 comes standard with six airbags, ABS, braking assistance and traction control. Additional safety features like lane change assist and all round parking sensors cost a premium.



AED 137,000 (170bhp)
AED 136,000 (211bhp)

2-litre inline-4 turbocharged

Max power: 170bhp at 4300-6200rpm
Max torque: 280Nm at 1700-4200rpm

Max power: 211bhp at 5000-6200rpm
Max torque: 300Nm at 1800-4900rpm


7-speed dual clutch automatic

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  1. jhone12 Reply

    July 15, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    this is a nice produt to use in same menor.

    The interior (dash and central console) looks watered down compared to the Q5. A real pity

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