2012 Hyundai Santa Fe | new car review

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Compared to the current crop, the Santa Fe looks a bit dated. It hasn’t received the company’s new design theme and looks a bit boxy compared to its younger sibling, the Tucson. did anounce a newer version that looks more akin to the rest of the cars in the family but that variant will go on sale by the end of this year.

The current version comes with two engine options, a 2.4-litre inline-4 engine and a 3.5-litre V6. The smaller engine produces 175bhp of maximum power and 225Nm of maximum torque. The V6 engine produces 280bhp of maximum power and 335Nm of peak torque. Both these engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that powers all four wheels except in the 11 GL variant.

The 2.4-litre variants get cruise control, 18-inch alloy wheels and front fog lamps as standard. The 3.5-litre variants get all of the above along with sunroof, leather upholstery and parking sensors as standard. The 14A GLS variant also gets a DVD player and navigation as standard.

The 2.4-litre variants get a single airbag and ABS while the 3.5-litre variants get two airbags in the 12 GLS and the 13GLS variant and six airbags in the 12E GLS and the 14A GLS variant. Traction control is present on the 13 GLS and the 14A GLS variants.



11E GL: AED 69,900
11 GL: AED 74,900
12 GLS: AED 81,900
12E GLS: AED 94,900
13 GLS: AED 98,900
14A GLS: AED 105, 900


2.4-litre inline-4
Max power: 175bhp at 6000rpm
Max torque: 225Nm at 3750rpm

3.5-litre V6
Max power:
280bhp at 6300rpm
Max Torque: 335Nm at 5000rpm


6-speed automatic all-wheel-drive

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