Aston Martin resurrects the Vanquish nameplate; Model spied on a transporter

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A week ago, Aston Martin displayed the AM310 concept at the prestigious Villa d’Este. The AM310 concept previews the DBS replacement that Aston Martin has been rigorously working on. But thanks to a scoop story on CAR magazine, we’re able to prematurely reveal the name, present you with a sneak peek and provide some of the details of the bombshell under the hood.

The DBS replacement will be called Vanquish. You heard that right, Aston Martin is about to resurrect the Vanquish as its flagship V12 model after it was retired in 2007 . You can verify it from what’s written on the decklid of the vehicle shown in the video below. The design of the rear is heavily influenced by the AM301 concept.

2013 Aston Martin Vanquish Youtube spy video

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Whether the transporter hauling the Vanquish was left open due to carelessness or “accidentally” by design, CAR’s video clears the cobwebs surrounding the identity of the new Aston model.

Certain design cues on the Vanquish also resemble the ultra-exotic One-77, but this vehicle will not only be about a slippery exterior. Outperforming the DBS comes as a standard feature on the carbon fiber-bodied Vanquish as reports claim that a very powerful 6-liter V12 engine sits beneath the skin.

We’re eagerly awaiting more details on the 2013 , so stay tuned to as we find out more.

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