Reports – Aston Martin Lagonda project makes a comeback

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Aston Martin tried reviving the Lagonda brand in 2009 by displaying a SUV concept (pictured) at the Geneva Motor Show. Much like the Bentley EXP 9F, the was showered with heavy criticism and the project was almost dead the moment it saw the light of day. Aston’s strong temperament may mean not everything is over for the Lagonda. In a recent interview with Autocar, the company’s head honcho Ulrich Bez has revealed that a silent comeback for the Lagonda is on the cards.

Aston Martin introduced the four-door supercar Rapide after plenty of deliberation. The Rapide’s well executed design helped it sink in faster and today there are no complaints about the extra doors. The Lagonda may find repeating this a lot more difficult unless Bentley pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept

Ulrich Bez has told Autocar magazine that an updated version of the Lagonda is likely to be shown within a year and the second version as a sedan may also make an appearance. If Aston Martin likes the clockwork, it may bring one of these two models to the Geneva Motor Show next year.

Aston Martin is said to be working on a strategy to expand its model portfolio. The next model at the starting gate is the next generation DBS supercar that may attract limited customers. The two variants under the Lagonda nameplate could help them reach into lower segments and a wider range of target customers.

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