Lamborghini’s SUV project may use the “MLC” nameplate

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According to reports on the internet, Lamborghini has previewed an SUV concept to a group of select audience at the New York Auto Show that began on the 4th of April. The luxury SUV, allegedly confirmed for a global debut at the Beijing Auto Show that begins in the third week of April, may carry the MLC nameplate. Speculation previously included the usage of the “LM” nameplate Lambo used on its first SUV (LM001) that rolled out in very limited numbers.

The New York reveal was a no cameras event but one Lamborghini dealer couldn’t but share the excitement with the world. Dealer principal and enthusiast Ed Bolian of Motorcars of Georgia wrote on his blog that the company is heading in a new and exciting direction. He makes no mention of the car’s bodystyle or specifications, but according to, Bolian had uploaded another piece on the car’s design before he was requested to take it down.

Lamborghini MLC SUV

Before he could, claims to have browsed the article which revealed that the design was along the lines of the rendering shown above. The vehicle is about the size of a Q7 and the profile is similar to the X6. The stance mirror’s the Cayenne’s. Bolian wrote that it is installed with humungous 24 inch wheels and sports a strong beltine.

The Gallardo’s V10 engine could provide motive force sending 550-600bhp to the wheels. A fully loaded Lamborghini MLC could set you back by $200k according to this report. The vehicle is still in the prototype stage and will take two or three years to arrive in the market. Lamborghini had shown a four-door sports car christened Estoque a few years ago which did not see light of day. If this report is to be believed, Lamborghini is very serious about commercialising the SUV concept.

We’ll keep an eye out for leaked photographs or more artist renderings of the Lamborghini MLC before its Beijing debut so stay with

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