Ferrari cooking up Enzo successor for 2013 launch

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Ferarri boss Luca di Montezemolo has told Auto News that the successor to the will be designed and previewed to its clients later this year. The closed door event will help to lend finishing touches and shape up the next iteration of the legendary supercar that will eventually bow in at the Geneva Motor Show or the North American International Auto Show in early 2013.

There are many reports on the internet hinting at a 7.3-liter V12 engine aided with breakthroughs made by its Formula 1 team such as developing a highly efficiency KERS energy recovery system and aerodynamic fittings to the rear of the car, but nothing so far has been confirmed by Ferrari. The engine allegedly produces a whopping peak power of 920hp on the new Enzo.

Ferrari Enzo

After the launch of the Enzo, Ferrari produced very limited numbers of the FXX supercar, which was not road legal. The FXX was an upgrade to the Enzo and could have been used as a mule to collate feedback from its clients to make the replacement better. Many details of the FXX were withheld by Ferrari, deepening the mystery around its capabilities. Ferrari gifted an example to Michael Schumacher when his tenure at Ferrari’s F1 team ended, perhaps he can provide us with some details using the comment box below?

Whether or not the horsepower and displacement claims on the Enzo successor hold any water, one thing is for certain. The new generation Enzo will be Ferrari’s quickest and most powerful road car.

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