James Bond vehicle exhibition open at UK’s National Motor Museum

Posted on Feb 21, 2012 by

‘BOND IN MOTION’The ‘BOND IN MOTION’ exhibition was opened to public starting mid-January at the National Motor Museum in the UK. It celebrates the 50th year of James Bond films. Amongst the vehicles on show is a 2006 DBS in pristine condition, used during the filming of Casino Royale, alongside is a severely damaged DBS stunt car which rolled seven and three quarter turns to setting a Guinness World Record. ‘BOND IN MOTION’Also on display is a 750iL used in the memorable car park chase scene in Tomorrow Never Dies where Pierce Brosnan’s Bond was seen driving the vehicle remotely from the back seat, using his Ericsson cellular phone. This vehicle was one of 17 cars supplied by for this film. BOND IN MOTION will run to December 2012 and more information can be found on www.bondinmotion.co.uk ‘BOND IN MOTION’


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