Cadillac shows the ATS some curves at the Nordschleife

Posted on Dec 29, 2011 by

2013 Cadillac ATS’s engineering have taken the soon-to-be-revealed ATS sedan to the North Loop of the Nürburgring in Germany, a.k.a Nordschleife in an effort to fine-tune the ATS calibrations for the new 270bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder and 3.6-litre V-6 engines, along with the 2nd generation Magnetic Ride Control suspension. “There are places where you’re airborne, and then there are valleys where you’re in full compression. There are off-camber, on-camber turns. There’s no other place in the world where you can test for all of that, except here.” says Dave Mikels, a Nürburgring-certified performance test driver. monitors and transmits data back to calibration teams back in Michigan, who upload new algorithms to calibrate shock stiffness and engine dynamics etc. Details on the ATS will be announced at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. The ATS will be revealed on 8 January and will be built at the Lansing (Michigan) Grand River plant.2013 Cadillac ATS

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