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In a region filled with massive SUVs and 4x4s, the Jimny stands out as being absolutely tiny, but still able to tackle the sand.

That, compared with its low price, has won it plenty of fans, even though it’s now approaching the age of 12, which in car years makes it almost prehistoric.

Shunning the trend for size and massive engines, the Jimny has three doors including the tailgate, and a 1.3-litre engine that produces 84bhp. Not much, but then again the diminutive off-roader only weighs 1,060kg.  The engine drives all four wheels through a four-speed automatic gearbox or a five-speed manual, and sits on steel wheels.

Despite the low price – just 54,000AED for the manual model, the Jimny is a proper off-roader. The four-wheel drive system can be switched to two-wheel drive on the move at speeds of up to 100kph, and there’s a low ration setting on the gearbox.

Although the basic design has hardly changed since 1998, there have been a few features added by to keep the Jimny relatively up to date. These include front airbags for driver and front seat passenger, electric windows and central locking, although there’s no remote fob – you’ll still need to put the key in the door. The Jimny also has a CD player, rather than a cassette deck. Or a gramophone.

The car seats four, although with the rear seats in use, boot space is minimal. The back seats split 50:50 and fold down for extra room.

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