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The Impreza is a compact car available in both hatchback and sedan form, and in a variety of flavours.

From the mild-mannered end of the range to the snarling WRX and STi performance models, there should be an Impreza to suit most tastes. Unusually, the whole range features all-wheel drive, even the lower powered models.

The sedan range starts with the 1.5-litre engine choice, which delivers a fairly measly 106bhp and is attached to a four-speed automatic gearbox. The same engine appears in a hatchback version, which is fairly identical save for the boot.

Both 1.5 models come with a decent level of equipment in top-spec mode: electric windows and mirrors are included, as are 15-inch alloy wheels, front fog lamps and automatic air conditioning. Also included are a six CD changer and a rear spoiler.

The next engine level up is the 2.0-litre, which comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and high intensity headlights, as well as sports seats and a body kit. The engine produces 148bhp and is also attached to a four-speed automatic gearbox, available in both sedan and hatch forms.

The performance models are only available as hatchbacks. The first is the WRX, which features a turbcocharged 2.5-litre engine that produces 265bhp. Only a five-speed manual gearbox is available, representing the WRX’s driver-focused design. The bodykit is also more aggressive and the chassis stiffer for better cornering.

If the WRX isn’t enough crazy for you, try the WRX STi, which extracts 305bhp from the same 2.5-litre turocharged engine. It gets a six-speed manual gearbox and is often used as a rally car because of its power and handling capability.

Safety features across the range include ABS and front airbags for driver and passenger.

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