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The Phantom range comprises three of the most luxurious of Rolls-Royces – the Phantom sedan, the Phantom , and the Drophead .

All are based around a theme of engineering perfection and absolute luxury, as you’d expect for a starting price of 1,377,470AED. No expense is spared in the production of a Phantom, and none spared by those that purchase them either.

The Phantom sedan is available in both standard and extended wheelbase versions for those that would prefer to have even more room than normal in the spacious rear of the car, which is accessed by vintage-style carriage doors, hinged at the rear.

prides itself on its craftsmanship, and so the interior is hand crafted from the finest leather and wood. At the same time, its engineering is cutting edge, with a light weight aluminium chassis.

The extended wheelbase version stretches the car by 250mm to give rear passengers more legroom.

The Phantom Coupe takes the luxury of the sedan and puts it into a more driver-focused, two-door package, with the exterior design more dynamic than the sedan. The doors are again rear-hinged for better access to the back of the car, and close at the touch of a button.

The Drophead Coupe gives Rolls-Royce a model. The eyecatching rear deck is made of teak, inspired by that of a luxury motorboat, and the fabric roof keeps the weight down to retain performance.

Power in all versions of the Phantom comes from a 6.75-litre V12 engine that produces 453bhp and a muscular 720Nm available from just 1,000rpm, for instant acceleration.

As with all Rolls-Royces, the Phantom range is hugely customisable, with customers able to choose from a large range of materials, paints and options.

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