Armoured Jag XJ

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The XJ Sentinel armoured Jag. The only giveaway is the edging of the windscreen.

British luxury carmaker has produced an armoured version of its new XJ model which it is showing for the first time at the Moscow International Motor Show.

The 5-litre V8-engined four-door fast back, called the Sentinel, features armouring to international B7 level which means it can block pistol rounds including the 44 Magnum, standard assault rifle attack such as Kalashnikov and M16 fire, offer protection against armour-piercing rounds (most often used by snipers), improvised explosive devices and rocket propelled grenades.

Although the Sentinel looks the same as the standard long wheelbase XJ, which should make it less conspicuous to potential attackers, it weighs 3,300kg – that’s over a metric tonne more than its production sibling. Of course, performance of the 380bhp engine is affected: 0-100km/h in just under 10 seconds and a top speed of 195km/h (as compared to 4.9 seconds and 250km/h for the stock model). But that’s the price you pay for protection.

Uprate suspension means the Sentinel rides and handles comparative to the stock XJ.

Suspension has been uprated with the advanced Adaptive Dynamics system and continually variable dampers to help keep the extra weight under control, and the brakes belong to the high performance system from the 500bhp XJ Supercharged with 15-inch vented discs inside 19-inch strengthened alloy wheels with run-flat tyres.

Jaguar/Land Rover have several decades of armouring experience at their fingertips and in partnership with Centigon – a leading vehicle armourer – have combined the lightweight aluminium body with high strength steels with kevlar backing. This has made the vehicle resistant to a 15kg TNT explosion in close proximity as well as underfloor grenade blasts.

As the levels of protection vary upon request, so does the pricetag of each handbuilt Sentinel. But we’re pretty sure it won’t be long before you’ll see some driving around the roads of the UAE – not that you’ll know, of course.

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