Soul on the line

Posted on Aug 18, 2010 by

in the US are cooperating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after the driver of a two-month old Soul lost steering control. Fortunately, he somehow managed to avoid crashing, but are treating the incident very seriously.

Apparently, the steering shaft detached itself from the steering wheel and fell down by the driver’s feet, obstructing the brake pedal.

If this is a manufacturing process problem then it could signal the recall of the 40,000 or so Soul’s sold so far, which could be a major blow as this is one of the Korean carmaker’s most popular models.

Normally the NHTSA wouldn’t instate an investigation with just one incident of vehicle failure however as this was a new car with under 7,000km on the clock and the fault could potentially have had serious consequences.

John Crowe, KIA’s vice president of service said, “Although the investigation is based on a songle incident that did not result in an accident or injury, the entire KIA Motors organisation – including our supplier base – is reviewing manufacturing processes with the goal of quickly determining if there is a manufacturing cause, and preventing the issue from reoccuring”.

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