Rolls record sales in AD

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While the recession might be biting elsewhere, the wealthy of the UAE’s capital don’t seem to be feeling too much of a pinch, especially if Abu Dhabi Motors’ June sales of their Rolls Royce range is anything to go by.

Recording their best ever month, the sole dealer of Rolls Royce for the city and neighbouring Al Ain managed to sell 18 models, most of which were bespoke vehicles.

This has contributed to a record half year result so far and makes the Abu Dhabi dealership the luxury brand’s number two globally.

“We have a strong and resilient dealership led by Kadhim Al Helli that delivers this magnificent luxury brand to some of the most discerning clientele in the world,” explained Arno Husselmann, general manager of Abu Dhabi Motors.

Primarily, the most popular models are the new Ghost and the Phantom, but Kadhim Al Helli, Rolls-Royce brand manager at Abu Dhabi Motors believes it is their attention to customers’ individual preferences for their new Rolls Royce that has really been the reason for such impressive results. In fact, every Phantom handed over has been a bespoke product whether it is the the limousine, Coupe or convertible Drophead Coupe.

Meanwhile the more contemporary shape of the Ghost combined with its powerful 6.5-litre V12 engine has secured it an enthusiastic following in and around the capital.

Building on the 200 percent sales growth success of 2010 so far, the next step for Abu Dhabi Motors is to complete their 894 square metre exclusive Rolls Royce showroom which will consist of state of the art facilities to cater for the special needs of their clientele.

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