Hyundai increases its popularity

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The sporty and dynamic Genesis

A survey of 3000 potential car buyers in the US has positioned in the top five brands when people are considering new purchases.

Respected auto industry publication, Kelley’s Blue Book carried out the survey as part of a brand watch study to reveal the most popular vehicle manufacturers.

Ford came first with 29 percent of total consideration; Toyota came in second with 22 percent despite their huge recall campaigns; Chevrolet in third with 21 percent; Honda in fourth with 20 percent; and finally Hyundai, knocking Nissan out of the top five.

James Bell, market analyst for Kelley’s said, “when you make dramatic, exciting and affordable products that appeal to the new-car shopping masses, consumer perception begins to change and subsequently, sales will follow.”

Hyundai will be pleased that this is in line with their 2008 GQ3355 initiative – to improve their Global Quality (GQ) to the extent that they will be ranked at least third for actual quality within three years (3-3), and at least fifth for perceived quality in five years (5-5).

So far in 2010 Hyundai’s global sales are up 23.4% to over 102,000 units.

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