More GCC recalls for Toyota and Lexus

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The 2007 Toyota Avalon is among the cars affected by the latest recalls

The 2007 is among the cars affected by the latest recalls

and have announced further recalls in the Middle East affecting the steering on Avalon, Corolla and LX 470 models.

However, contrary to other reports in the region, the Toyota Land Cruiser is not affected. A current global affects a derivative not sold in the region, Toyota says.

The problem with 2002 to 2007 model year 470s concerns a snap ring on the steering column that may disengage if there is a large impact to the front wheels, such as striking a pothole.

If that happens and the steering wheel is subsequently turned fully to the right and left, the column may disengage completely, leading to a loss of steering control. No accidents have been reported, however.

The Lexus LX 470 is also affected, but its cousin, the Toyota Land Cruiser, is not

The issue affects thousands of cars across the GCC, including 2,840 in the UAE.

Toyota’s issues affect the steering on the 1999 to 2004 Avalon sedan, whereby the steering lock bar can crack over time and could theoretically lead to the steering locking itself while driving. The problem affects some 816 cars in the UAE.

Also being recalled are a relatively small number of 2000 and 2001 Corollas, which have an issue with their airbags whereby under certain conditions the front passenger airbag may not deploy.

Customers are being contacted by Lexus and Toyota and offered a free fix. Those with queries in the UAE can call 800 53987 (Lexus) or 04 206 6002 (Toyota) for more information. Those in other GCC countries should contact their local dealers.

2 Responses to More GCC recalls for Toyota and Lexus

  1. Phill Tromans Reply

    August 3, 2010 at 11:44 am

    I suspect that since the recent spate of new recalls, all manufacturers are very carefully going through their archives with a fine toothcomb, trying to uncover any flaws or potential in past products that could land them in hot water should something go wrong. That’s why a fair number of older cars – not just from Toyota – are being recalled, even if there haven’t been any incidents.

  2. Georgia Drivers Ed Reply

    August 3, 2010 at 11:24 am

    2002 to 2007 model year Lexus LX 470s – almost 3yrs+
    1999 to 2004 Avalon sedan – 6yrs+
    2000 and 2001 Corollas – 9yrs+
    As you see the list of those models effected are almost having the 3yrs -9yrs of age in between, I doubt is Toyota really do not know the this things before?. if they know why don’t they acted at that time?……..

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