BMW to debut Megacity Vehicle at 2012 London Olympics

Posted on Jul 21, 2010 by
BMW engineers working on the Megacity Vehicle (MCV)

engineers working on the ()

According to reports BMW’s under-development Megacity Vehicle (MCV), which was slated for commercial launch in 2013, is going to debut in near-production form at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

BMW is an official partner of the Games and is likely to use the event to showcase the MCV’s advanced technology and design. The MCV might also be used to ferry officials and players between the Games venues.

The rear-engine, rear-wheel drive will have many of its components built from lightweight composite materials like reinforced carbon-fibre plastic to reduce weight and increase range. It’s expected to be smaller in size than the BMW 1 Series but will have a seating capacity of four.

The zero-emission urban car will however go on sale only in 2013 and will be launched under a new ‘sub-division’ similar to BMW’s M performance division.

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