Ferrari World Abu Dhabi reveals its attractions

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A rendering of how the inside of Ferrari World will look when it opens in October

A rendering of how the inside of World will look when it opens in October

The Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi has revealed its full list of attractions with 100 days to go before its opening.

The attraction will host more than 20 rides and features when the doors are opened on October 28, 2010. The highlight is the 240kph rollercoaster Formula Rossa, but among the new details announced are Speed of Magic, a 4D adventure with Nello the mischievous racing driver that leads guests on an adventure through jungles, caves and ravines.

Made in Maranello is a tour through Ferrari’s Maranello factory, explaining how the cars are made. Viaggio in Italia follows a Ferrari California through the countryside and landmarks of the Ferrari homeland.

V12 is a flume ride through a 12-cylinder engine while G-Force is a tower ride that will fire visitors through the red roof and 62 metres into the before returning to earth in a seat inspired by the Ferrari Enzo.

The G-Force attraction will fire visitors out of the famous red roof

The G-Force attraction will fire visitors out of the famous red roof

Scuderia Challenge is a race simulator similar to those used by Ferrari’s racing drivers, while the Fiorano GT Challenge is a duelling rollercoaster that sees Ferrari F430 Spiders sprinting against each other for the finishing line.

Italy’s most famous locations have been recreated in miniature for the Bell’Italia attraction, including the Colosseum, Venice and the Monza racetrack.

For racing fans, there’s a recreation of the Ferrari Grand Prix facilities including garages, transporters and hospitality suites, and an interactive theatre called The Pit Wall that lets guests test their judgement in racing scenarios. The Racing Legends is a ride through Ferrari’s greatest racing moments while Driving with Champions is an interactive 3D show following a young engineer taken on the ride of a lifetime with a top racer on his first day working at the Ferrari factory.

V12 is a flume ride through a giant engine

V12 is a flume ride through a giant engine

For younger visitors, Junior GT is a driving school for children where they can learn to pilot miniature F430 GT Spiders under expert instruction. After that, the Junior Grand Prix will let them loose on a race track in miniature F1 cars. Younger children can head to the Junior Training Camp where they can play washing cars, climb a grandstand and play with remote control cars and a foam F1 car.

If that lot isn’t enough for you, the world’s largest Ferrari gallery outside Maranello will showcase an exclusive range of Ferraris old and new from all over the world, while the Cinema Maranello will show a short film called Coppa di Sicilia, focusing on the life of the marque’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. Lastly, the Carousel will show off never-before-seen Ferrari prototypes based on winning designed from a competition.

The massive Ferrari World building boasts the world's largest Ferrari badge

There will also be a range of restaurants and cafes serving Italian food and drinks, and a range of shops.

For more information, visit the website here.

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