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In the ever-burgeoning range of cars that makes up the Mercedes-Benz family, you could be forgiven for getting a little lost at times.

Platforms are shared across naming conventions, the same engine can be found in everything from a roadster to an SUV and plenty else in between, and sometimes old models are dressed up to look like new ones, even if they’re not. It’s also rather confusing. Which brings us onto the CLS – a four-door coupe version of the previous generation E-Class.

The CLS was first launched in the region back in 2005 and due to be replaced by a new model based on the latest E-Class before the end of 2010. Still, as it stands the current CLS is an interesting proposition. Naturally, because of that swooping coupe-like roof shape, the CLS isn’t as spacious in the back as the E-Class, but it’s superb for transporting smaller members of the family around in. In fact, we think they might be somewhat spoilt back there. As with many large Mercs, lots of kit is the order of the day in the CLS – you can have more leather wotsits and electric gizmos than you could ever dream of.

Engine-wise it’s the usual Mercedes affair, starting from the CLS 300 with a 231bhp 3.0-litre V6 then stepping through CLS 350 and CLS 500 levels of performance all the way up to the range-topping 6.2-litre V8 CLS 63 AMG. All are rear-wheel drive, all have smooth automatic gearboxes and all provide plenty of driving thrills.

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