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As big seven-seat crossover SUVs go, the CX-9 is one of the most stylish out there.

The 2010 model was revealed at the 10th Dubai International Motor Show at the tail end of 2009 where the latest facelift of this model that originally came to market in 2007 was shown. There’s a revised front grille, tweaks to the fog and headlights, minor changes to the interior for those in the back and a new rear-facing camera to help with reversing manoeuvres.

The CX-9 is designed to appeal to growing families who are looking for something large enough for them and the ever-growing family, plus all the kit that a family inevitably ends up carting around with them at all times.

Just the one engine is offered – a 3.7-litre V6 with 270bhp. It’s got plenty of power in reserves to get the CX-9 moving rather swiftly and is pretty refined and cultured. A six-speed automatic gearbox sends the power to all four wheels. It’s an active four-wheel drive system, so it automatically shuffles power between the front and rear wheels depending on the conditions under the wheels.

There’s enough space for seven people and their luggage on board, though we’d recommend the smallest members of the family ride in the rearmost two seats as headroom can be a little tight for anyone over six foot tall. If you ever need to transport a bulky load, then all five rear seats fold completely flat into the floor creating a wide and long cargo carrying area.

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