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2010 Maserati Grancabrio







For many years, if you’d told someone you owned a Maserati you’d likely be met with a concerned look and the number of a good specialist garage.

The luxury Italian motors had a bit of a reputation for being beautiful, but atrociously unreliable. That all changed with the launch of the two-door Granturismo in 2007. Developed from the four-door Quattroporte luxury sedan, the Granturismo brought an element of Italian sassiness back into the car industry.

With a choice of two very fruity V8 engines, the Granturismo has the performance to match its svelte looks. The entry-level car – if you can really call it that – comes with a 4.2-litre V8 with 399bhp and is offered with a robotised manual gearbox. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds – it’s essentially an automatic gearbox, though lacks the smoothness offered by a traditional torque converter auto.

However, true enthusiasts are better off looking at the Granturismo S, offered with an optional smooth-shifting automatic gearbox. Though visually identical to the regular Granturismo, the S has one very significant change under the bonnet. Instead of the 4.2-litre V8, there’s now a 4.7-litre V8. The power increase is only a modest 35bhp compared to the smaller engine, but the extra character that comes with the S’s engine is well worth the extra outlay. Instead of a gentle background warble from the engine, the S sounds absolutely ferocious – even at low speeds.

Despite the smooth styling, the Granturismo is quite practical with a pair of rear seats that can accommodate adults in a decent amount of comfort. The boot’s large enough for the de rigueur pair of golf bags too.

Should you fancy top-down motoring, Maserati introduced the canvas-roofed Grancabrio , with the 4.7 V8, at the start of the 2010.

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