Audi’s R8 Spyder gets V8 power

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 by
Audi hasn't released a picture of the V8-powered R8, so here's a shot of the V10 powered version instead

hasn't released a picture of the V8-powered R8, so here's a shot of the V10 version instead

Audi is adding a V8-powered Spyder to its R8 range.

Previously, the version of the R8 has only been available with the 5.2-litre V10 engine also seen in the top-level version of the R8 coupe (although it’s yet to become available here in the Middle East – we’re assured that it’s coming very soon).

But now the German manufacturer has announced that the cloth-top car will be available with a 4.2-litre V8 engine producing 424bhp – 10 more than the same engine in its hardtop sibling.

Despite the drop in power from the larger-engined Spyder, the new car is no slouch – 100kph can be reached in 4.8 seconds and it’ll top out at 299kph.

The eye-catching looks of previous R8s remain. The V8 Spyder rides on 18-inch ally wheels as standard and the cloth roof is available in a choice of three colours – black, red or brown.

The first R8 Spyder V8s will arrive in showrooms in its native Germany over the summer. We expect it to arrive in the Middle East in 2011. Local prices haven’t yet been announced, but in Europe the car will sell for 121,000 Euros (544,000 AED).

Update: Audi Middle East told us that the R8 Spyder V8 will arrive in the region in the second quarter of 2011.

– We always wondered why the Spyder was only available with V10 power so it’s nice to have more choice. However, we can’t help thinking that if Middle East buyers have the 500,000AED-plus necessary to buy the V8-powered Spyder, they’ll also have the extra cash needed for the V10 version. What do you think?

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