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2010 Lexus SC430









One of the oldest models in the Lexus line-up, the SC430 has been around since 2001.

Back when it was launched it was quite a quirky alternative to the likes of the Mercedes SL-Class. Now, it’s an even-more quirky alternative to the Mercedes SL, but it’s really beginning to show its age.

Just one engine is on offer – a 282bhp, 4.3-litre V8 that is rather relaxed in its power delivery. The SC was built for cruising the Corniche, not carving up the tarmac and provides a pretty relaxed driving experience. Despite coming with a full compliment of four seats, the SC is really a two seater – the best use for the back pair of leather seats is as additional luggage space. If you want a four-seat Lexus , you’re better off looking at the altogether more modern – and a darn sight cheaper – IS300 C.

The boot space is reasonable when the folding metal roof is in place on the top of the car, however it becomes seriously limited when it’s stowed away into the top of the boot.

However, the SC430 does have some charms. It comes with a decent stereo system and carries a little bit of an exclusive swagger about it that the overtly aggressive Mercedes SL lacks. The wood trim on the steering wheel might look plastic to the extreme, but is actually taken from a bona fide hunk of tree. The leather is soft and of high quality, and although the fit and finish is very good, it’s someway off from the levels found in more modern Lexus models.

If you absolutely must have a luxury two-door hard-topped convertible, but don’t like Mercedes models, then the 430 is your only alternative choice. However, the rest of us would be much happier in the Mercedes.

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